When Abratur first reached me, they were not still completely in sure about what to ask. But they knew they needed to improve their social medias. After a long talk, we decided that the best solution was to start by a Creative Planning. Abratur is a company based in São Paulo, who offers amazing discounts to hotels within the state by signature, and has partnership with several tourism and recreation companies.

I started the project by a long marketing research that included the company’s history, target, communication and their competition; a complete benchmark; and visual research. The second step was to create a Creative Planning for all their digital medias: Website, WhatsApp communication, Social Medias. Always having in consideration their budget.

All the main results of the analysis and planning is described on the pdf below, followed by some post templates/examples for their social medias.

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We decided to change their market positioning, and I also selected some points on their communication that could be improved, like a more informative homepage on their website, digital material for the commercial area, to create a blog and invest on SEO and a campaign that translated to English would be “You deserve to have fun”, alluding to a very common sentence among Brazilians, specially their audience.

I also created several post templates for their social media and picked some relevant points they should approach more frequently, like institucional, informative, promotional, for special seasons, and others.

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